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Hello World! Famous words in computer science history but also appropriate for Didja's first Blog Post. First, we want to thank our small but mighty world class team who is building, maintaining and operating a patented edge video network with two apps/platforms. The main event is LocalBTV, operating in 24 USA TV markets, which works with its fun cousin Clippit, operating nationally. We have two main missions: 1) Increase revenue and viewers for local-broadcast-TV stations & channels since bringing our valuable national public airwaves (i.e, local broadcast TV) together with the public internet is the right modernization path including paving the way for ATSC-3.0. 2) Delight local TV viewers and make watching local TV and hyper-local community TV (PEG channels, High Schools, Faith based channels, etc.) more fun and easy for the 50M+ US households who do not pay for local TV today.

Not only is this valuable for TV Station owners and viewers but adding targeted digital advertising to the local-broadcast-bundle is loved by national and local advertisers. We believe all of this makes our local communities stronger; be it businesses, non-profits, education, other local media and under-served communities. Thanks for stopping by!

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