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Q1 Cord-Cutting Hits Pay TV, Broadcast Alive and Well

And in other news, water is wet...

Heavy is the head that holds the crown! The vast majority of people in the world grew up with linear video as their primary form of entertainment on 2 screens - television and movie theater screens. For decades linear has been the undisputed king of the castle in entertainment so naturally the target on its back is pretty big.

Here’s a secret… No major entertainment, withstanding CBS's Pluto, no studio has posted profits from their respective streaming platforms that can get somewhat close to what their linear content is bringing in with traditional distribution. Remember, public companies earning reports are public :)

The entertainment media is loving beating up on linear video at the moment; and why not if it creates a massive amount of clicks? It is certainly the most interesting boogie man, well, since ever. Video sources continue to proliferate around potential viewers. Humans are watching more video than ever before and folks are tripping over sources for long and short media alike

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