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Broadcast on LocalBTV
Didja is dedicated to enhancing our valuable and Congress created national asset of Local Broadcast TV.  Antenna TV viewing is growing and local TV viewers also want a streaming option just like cable/satellite/telco/svod/avod viewers enjoy.  Our goal is 100% of all local channels in all geofenced 210 USA TV markets.  Our aim is to delight and grow local TV viewers and increase revenues for Broadcasters.

Modernizing Broadcast

With LocalBTV, you can reach viewers on any device without an antenna! Our app is available on all major phones, tablets, connected TVs and computers.

Built for Broadcasters

LocalBTV provides low and full power stations total market coverage, regardless of terrain, weather and other obstacles.

LocalBTV also contributes to your Nielsen digital ratings!

Joining is Easy

We can add your channel from an antenna or IP feed!

100% free to join and 100% free to your viewers

Ready to Find Out More?

If you are a LocalBTV viewer with questions about channels or technical issues, please contact

Thanks for your interest in joining LocalBTV! We'll be in touch soon

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