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Didja’s “LocalBTV” Expands to Philadelphia and Beyond

This Marks the Final Testing Phase of the LocalBTV Hybrid Cloud Platform Designed to be the Lowest-Cost,
Fastest, Simplest Way to Stream Geofenced Linear Broadcast TV to any Station Approved TV App


LOS ALTOS, Calif. — December 11, 2019 — Didja ( today announced the expansion of its live broadcast TV streaming app, “LocalBTV,” to the Philadelphia DMA. Philadelphia is the first of several TV markets Didja will add to their LocalBTV trial in the coming months.

“PhillyBTV” is available starting today to viewers in the Philadelphia DMA. Didja expects to launch its local broadcast streaming service in New York City and San Diego soon. “LocalBTV” is already available in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix TV markets. With the addition of these markets, “LocalBTV” will serve 17% of all US households. The “LocalBTV” trial available in these four markets provides as many as 42 channels of local broadcast TV to viewers on smartphones, PCs and connected TVs at no cost to consumers or to broadcasters. Didja is testing expanded lineups of 100 or more channels in select markets and will gradually add more channels to the public lineup as appropriate.

With Didja’s “LocalBTV,” antenna-TV homes will have more viewing options and viewers without access to an antenna can also easily enjoy local broadcast news and entertainment programming on mobile devices and connected TVs anywhere in the broadcast market. In addition, local television stations and independent channels not available through cable providers or streaming services can now be enjoyed by a wider audience.

“This announcement is important for two reasons,” said Jim Long, CEO of Didja. “First, we’re excited to bring our local TV streaming service to viewers in the great city of Philadelphia. Second, we’re testing a new, even lower-cost national system architecture and our newest feature, targeted dynamic ad insertion. I’m very proud of our amazing small team and financial backers for this achievement.”

“Our variety show, Sing High, attracts a younger audience and we air it before it goes on YouTube” said Danny Wong, GM of Nielsen rated Sky Link TV 4.2 (KRON-2) in San Francisco. “We know our viewers love and watch this show in real time on the “LocalBTV” apps.”

According to Didja, 23-25 million U.S. homes watch TV via an antenna and approximately another 13-15 million homes have no convenient way to watch local broadcast TV. As Didja expands to new platforms and markets, “LocalBTV” will enable more non-cable-bundle homes to watch quality over-the-air TV, thereby strengthening the reach and impact of local media.

The “LocalBTV” app is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores, and in the Roku, Amazon Fire-TV, Apple TV and Android-TV app stores as well.
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About Didja
Didja, a technology company dedicated to augmenting the broadcast television experience in delightful ways, is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and specializes in consumer apps that help users engage with live linear television. The Didja hybrid cloud platform is also designed to help broadcasters,  networks and content owners expand their revenues while both delighting their fans and enabling a more direct consumer relationship. Please see for more information.


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