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LocalBTV is currently in {{}} US markets, providing access to free local TV to over 25% of US households. We've added 7 new markets this year so far and continue to add more regularly.

If we're not in your area yet, let us know by entering your ZIP Code or sending us an email and we'll keep you posted!

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LocalBTV works directly with station owners and networks to get permission to stream their channels. If you don't see your favorite channel, rest assured we're working on it!

Better yet, contact the channel and ask them to join our app! We support local channels with valuable features and ad revenue so that you, the viewer, can watch your favorite shows for free!




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LocalBTV is currently available in these US markets

LocalBTV does not currently include major national network programming.

We expect all of the 70-100+ local broadcast channels in each market to be available in the future. Please check our market pages for currently available channels.