What is the ChannelBTV App?

For USA OTA broadcast TV stations/channels who desire their viewers to have a simple app (see ChannelBTV demo) for viewing their channel on phones, laptops/tablets and connected-TVs (FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV).  NOTE - The viewers can only watch live simultaneous with the OTA broadcast although the app includes a cloud-DVR option for later viewing and optional geofencing.  NOTE - The app does NOT support a separate VOD library.  There are many 3rd parties that can build other types of station apps featuring more customization.  ChannelBTV is not that. 

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Station/Channel App Guidelines

* USA OTA Broadcast Stations or Channels only

* One time fee of $350 which pays for transcoding hardware to operate streams 24x7

* FREE use of LocalBTV cloud platform covering up to 1,000 simultaneous viewers

* Free YourChannelApp and unlimited viewer downloads

* Beyond 1,000 simultaneous users will require additional operating charges

* Requirements:
   -- Valid operating TiVo(Rovi) Program Guide ID# and USA OTA TV display

   -- Proper approved background image & station/channel logo
   -- Technical info for 24x7 IP-feed of channel OTA stream (RTP or RTMP)

   -- Optional - URL & graphic for program guide links to channel website 

   -- Optional - Geofencing - must supply list of zipcodes

* Cons:
   -- ChannelApp icon on phone screen etc.. must be standard vanilla LocalBTV icon
   -- If another channel from the same TV DMA desires an app, all channels and their
       logos will be shown in the same ChannelBTV app
   -- Note: This structure avoids having to maintain many different app store entries
       BUT if a channel desires their own separate app/icon, that can be ordered with                 an additional cost per ChannelBTV app of $500 per month with a 6 month
       minimum $3,000 due up front.

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