Built to Grow Broadcaster Revenues

by Modernizing the Popular Broadcast Bundle and making it available for Phones, Laptops & CTVs

LocalBTV is geo fenced - All of our broadcast partners stay compliant with programming agreements and streaming riders.

Low-power stations intrinsically become full power stations on our platform. We cover the entire DMA we are deployed in resulting in better overall reception. This encourages more viewer engagement with your station.

We don’t steal signals - We get consent for all channels on LocalBTV. This ensures that LocalBTV will serve your viewers well into the future

Nielsen Accredited - Viewers watching on LocalBTV contribute 1:1 to station/network measurement. No panels. No samples. We create REAL currency for sales teams to use in avails.

We have delivered 30.9 million impressions to stations in 2020 and are pacing to deliver 30% more impressions in 2021

Fully transparent - We share viewing data with all of our station partners monthly. This is especially helpful in the local sales process.

100% Free for all stations and 100% Free for all viewers

We can advertise in markets we have a presence on behalf of stations.

We buy schedules promoting LocalBTV in markets we are launched in

We are live in 13 DMAs and are pacing to be in 56 DMAs by the end on 2021