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ChannelBTV FAQ 

Do I need to know anything about building apps?

No, ChannelBTV is a real simple solution for local broadcasters who want to reach more viewers on modern devices without the cost of an entire tech department or expensive outsourced solution.

Users watch your channel using the same great LocalBTV app that's available in larger metros, so we've got you covered on maintenance, infrastructure, not to mentioned the continued improvements we deliver to make sure LocalBTV is the best way to watch local broadcast TV.

What do you mean by "limited" branding?

ChannelBTV is a quick and easy way to allow viewers to watch your content with LocalBTV in markets where we don't currently have a presence. This is not a custom app for your channel.

However, when users sign up with your unique code they will see your logo, splash screens, and a program guide with just your channel. If other channels sign up in the same market then branding will be combined, so be the first in your market to get the most attention!

How much will it cost?

We charge an upfront fee of $350 per year per channel which includes up to 1,000 concurrent viewers. Additional operating fees will be required for more than 1,000 concurrent viewers.

How many users can have my channel app?

You can have as many users/homes download the app and register as you want. 


Can I promote the app?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Our service allows you to have local control of your station's digital streaming presence.     

How do users sign-up?

It's simple! Users sign up by downloading the LocalBTV app or launching in a web browser.  During the signup process, they will be asked to enter a unique station code. That's it.

How do you get my broadcast?

You send us your broadcast using an IP feed and we do the rest. This is typically as easy as adding a configuration to the encoder you're already using.  RTP streams supported, RTMP support in the future.

How can I get more information? 

If you have any other questions before you're ready to sign up, please contact us as

Ready to sign up?

Great! Here's what we need to get you setup.

When you're ready, click the button to request ChannelBTV!

Channel Information

  • Name and number (what shows up in the program guide)

  • TiVo/Rovi ID

  • Zip code list if geo-fencing is required


  • Logo: PNG format, 750x200px with transparency. Shadow/outline preferred to ensure clarity on top of varying backgrounds. (Sample Image)

  • Splash Images

    • (landscape): JPEG format, 1280x720px. For use on tablets, PCs and TV devices.  Image should NOT have logo and upper left quadrant of image fairly open. (Sample Image)

    • (portrait): JPEG format. 960x1600px. For use on mobile devices. Image should NOT have logo and upper third of image fairly open. (Sample Image)


Promotional Link - Directs user from program guide to a web URL of your choice

  • Promo Link URL: send us the URL you wish to promote like a website page or other app

  • Promo Link Banner Graphic:

    • Width 825px; Height 200px

    • Max file size <100kb

    • Max font >30px

    • (Sample Graphic)


Channel IP Feed

  • Ability to set up an RTP/UDP IP feed

  • Destination IP address and port will be provided

Contact Information

  • Business contact

  • Technical contact (for stream setup)

  • Emergency contact (for stream issues once live)

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