What is ChannelBTV?

ChannelBTV is for USA OTA broadcast TV stations/channels who want a simple channel app so new and existing viewers can watch your channel 'live' simultaneous with the OTA broadcast on any device, anytime, anywhere*.  Charge is an upfront fee of $350 per year per channel. The valuable LocalBTV platform is provided as-is for free, thus your channel app will look like a one (or few) channel version of LocalBTV. 

What's included?

  • Viewers can watch your live OTA broadcast on all major phone, tablets, connected devices (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV) and web browsers.

  • Easy-to-use Cloud DVR

  • Limited branding

  • Promote your website (or anything else) using In-app promo links

  • Viewing reports

  • *Optional geo-fencing to your TV market/DMA as required.

  • Unlimited viewer downloads but only 1,000 can watch at same time
    unless a monthly fee is added to support more simultaneous users.

What else is key to know?

  • On-demand (VOD) library is not supported.  Just DVR.

  • The app icon on viewers phone or in app stores will be 'LocalBTV' not your logo

  • Under some circumstances more than one channel from the same TV DMA will be included in the same ChannelBTV app.  With branding for all.

  • Special app version. Didja can manage a special app version & icon just for your channel for all app stores for a $500/month fee.  Includes more simultaneous users too.

  • While we may add a few 'bells & whistles' to this option, Didja does NOT do custom apps. Many good companies exist for that if a truly custom app is desired.

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