Dedicated ChannelBTV APP FAQs 

Create your APP without the cost of an entire tech department, upkeep, and monthly fees. It's your station, on your APP, with our service. A real simple solution for local broadcasters who want to be part of the modern TV-App sees us everywhere revolution, particularly desired by younger viewers too.  

  1. How much will it cost?  We charge a one-time setup fee of $350 to cover the transcoder hardware cost to operate & deliver your 24x7 stream.   

  2. How many users can I have?  You can have as many registered users as you want.  However, only one thousand (1,000) can stream at the same time.  More than that will require an additional monthly fee.  As you grow, we can increase your number to a budget that fits.  

  3. Can I promote my own paid APP?  Yes. We encourage it.  Our service allows you to have local control of your station's digital streaming presence.     

  4. How do users sign-up? It's simple.  You sign up by downloading the LocalBTV APP to their mobile phone.  During the signup process, they will be asked to enter a unique station code. That's it.  Now you viewers can see your channel on their phone or laptop and get it on their connected TV device like FireTV, AppleTV and Roku.

  5. How do I send my IP feed?  We do all the work.  Add the RTP URL to your encoder and you are ready to stream.​​

  6. How do I get my ChannelBTV in the APP stores?  We got you covered.  LocalBTV is already in Apple APP, Play, Roku, Amazon Fire.  We provide you with a special code, and your fans can watch your channel.


Set-Up Process

Station information​


  • Logo for Guide

    • Format .png

    • Width: 750px; Height: 200px

    • Transparent logo with drop shadow

  • Splash page graphic

    • Format .png

    • Landscape Width: 1280px; Height 720px

    • Portrait Width: 960px; Height 1600px

  • Station name

  • Virtual channel number

  • Call letter of the transmitter

  • Language of program

  • Call letters of the primary transmitter

Program guide

  • Rovi Source ID – Program guide

    • Rovi Service ID

    • Rovi Source ID

    • Station name

    • Virtual channel number

    • Call letter of the transmitter

    • Language of program

    • Call letters of the primary transmitter

  • Latest Program Guide – Google Shared Sheets

IP streaming set-up

  • RTP/UDP URL provided

  • Preferred stream setting:

    • Width 1280 Height 720

    • Aspect Ratio 16:9

    • Progressive /Interlaced

    • Container format: mpegts / mpeg 2 / mpeg 4 /

    • Video Encoder Libx264  / h.264

    • Video Bitrate: 15000 Kbps

    • Keyframe interval (frames): 3

    • VBR

    • Audio Bitrate 128Kbps / 256Kbps

    • Audio Encoder:aac

  • Optional geofencing with client provided zip codes


  • URL to corresponding website or APP

  • Banner

    • Width 825px; Height 200px

    • Max file size <100kb

    • Max font >300px

    • Two banners     

      • Click Here

      • Tap Here

Contact information

  • Emergency Contact (Name and Number) for engineering or other issues

  • General channel contact (Name, Number, and Email)

  • Program channel contact (Name, Number, and Email) 


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